About us

professional hair colouring company that offers different colouring techniques including Balayage, Highlights and Ombre

Our journey began in 2013

The Colour Plug, previously Ebony and Ivory Virgin hair  is a professional hair colouring company founded in 2013. 

We offer different colouring techniques including Balayage, Highlights and Ombre on 100% raw hair.

We are self-taught hair colourists who have eye for vibrant but neutral colour pallets on hair. The Colour Plug CEO’s eye for quality hair and colour came from experimenting on her own wigs, after converting them from ‘Leave Out Life’ to the ‘Wig Life’.  Apart from being self-taught, we teach others our techniques on colouring, offering group tutorials for hair salons or individual classes for those who are willing to learn.

About the Colour Plug
More than just Hair colouring

Raw Hair Service

The Colour Plug’s first collection ‘The Colour Plug Wig Wardrobe’ was launched in June 2020 after seeing a trend in certain colours that our clients constantly choose for their own wigs.

Apart from custom hair colouring, The Colour Plug also offers a Raw Hair service providing quality raw hair that has been collected from one donor.’

Look no further than "The Colour Plug"

What to expect from this collection

  • Quality raw tresses  that have not been mixed or tainted in any way until the colouring process has been added.
  • Our machine-sewn wigs offer longevity and quality so be rest assured that your wig will remain intact for years and years to come.
  • Our coloured wigs have been carefully hand painted for the most vibrant but natural looking colours that suit every skin tone.
The Colour Plug
Worldwide shipping

We ship within the UK, Europe, USA and other parts of the world

100% Raw Hair

Nothing is mixed, just pure Raw Hair for the best quality

Custom Wigs

Carefully hand painted for extra colour dimension

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